A Holiday for Murder (The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection)

May 9, 2015 - Comment

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One-Reader says:

A fascinating “locked room” mystery solved by Hercule Poirot This book’s dedication to her brother-in-law includes Christie’s words, ” … You complained that my murders were getting too refined – anaemic, in fact? You yearned for a “good violent murder with lots of blood”. … So, this is your special story — written for you. …”This is a unusual story format for Agatha Christie, as it includes not only a violent bloody murder but also a “locked room” murder at a family gathering for Christmas. The seven sections are named for the seven…

Anonymous says:

The characters and mystery were interesting enough, but I didn’t like this novel as much as Christie’s other novels. This story was more a puzzle solved by the process of elimination–who couldn’t have done it–than a clear clue trail to who did do it. I was able to figure out the surprise twists and even who the clues indicated was the criminal, but I couldn’t figure out the details of how the criminal could have done it. When the method was revealed, I was left thinking “um, yes, I see,…

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