A Star over Bethlehem and Other Stories

January 9, 2018 - Comment

A middle-aged widow who dislikes people and a wayward donkey are among the protagonists of these Christmas stories Related Related posts: Star Over Bethlehem: Poems and Holiday Stories Star Over Bethlehem, and Other Stories: Poems and Holiday Stories The Adventure Of The Western Star (Caple Books Classic Short Stories) (Volume 1) Star over Bethlehem: Poems

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Molly says:

I Love Agatha Christie In her autobiography, Agatha Christie remarked that in her mystery books, she wanted to include ideas of right and wrong and religious faith, but her publishers wouldn’t go along with it. So in this book, Star Over Bethlehem, after she had achieved success greater than any other writer in the world, before or since, she exercised her prerogative to write about her faith. This is a short collection of sweet, charming stories of spiritual significance, interspersed with a few poems. One story…

Alaska says:

Five Stars My friend really liked this for Christmas, didn’t know Agatha Christie had written alything like this.

Kindle Customer russell davidson says:

Christmas gift So good I ordered books for all my family for Christmas.

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