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Peter Shelley "petershelley" says:

11 days of amnesia In 1926 acclaimed English mystery writer Agatha Christie disappeared after her car was found in the countryside. She later reappeared at the Harrogate Spa claiming “amnesia” and unable to explain what had taken place. The screenplay by Kathleen Tynan and Arthur Hopcraft constructs a solution to Christie’s real life mystery by suggesting that she followed her husband’s mistress to Harrogate Spa. What is intriguing about this idea is the way the treatment has Christie use the skills she…

T. George "anne-with-an-e" says:

Intriguing but Hollow… As an Agatha Christie fan, I was very curious when I happened upon this video recently. As Christie always seems so cool, collected and in control as the voice behind her mysteries, I assumed that that was how she was in real life. Thus as I read the video description and learned that she was a painfully shy woman who clung to her husband for support, I was very interested in learning more.

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