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Peter Shelley says:

11 days of amnesia In 1926 acclaimed English mystery writer Agatha Christie disappeared after her car was found in the countryside. She later reappeared at the Harrogate Spa claiming “amnesia” and unable to explain what had taken place. The screenplay by Kathleen Tynan and Arthur Hopcraft constructs a solution to Christie’s real life mystery by suggesting that she followed her husband’s mistress to Harrogate Spa. What is intriguing about this idea is the way the treatment has Christie use the skills she…

Patrick W. Crabtree says:

A must-see for Christie fans People are all over the place in rating this film (for a myriad of reasons) so I’ll try to pin that down first. While the film was beautifully produced, bulging with a fine cast, it did not do all that well when it was released. Someone mentioned this reality already and they are correct in their facts on that point. I first saw “Agatha” either on HBO or Cinemax in the early days of those cable premium channels. In the end, it IS a really good film with an interesting story to relate…

E. Macomber says:

A Movie Sadly Lost Like Agatha Herself.. I want to counter one review here. I had seen this movie when it first came out. It DID NOT do well in the box office, BUT! This movie was beautifully filmed with excellent focus adjustments that mirrored the “mystery” that never took place, but could have. I also want to say that if anyone “falls asleep” at the beautiful music of Johnny Mandel, especially the closing title song “Close Enough for Love” then they think 50 cent is a gospel singer (By the way it has…

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