Agatha Christie, an autobiography

September 2, 2016 - Comment

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Kevin Killian says:

New light on Dame Agatha Christie’s last days Since its publication, POSTERN OF FATE has received largely execrable reviews, with some labelling it “tedious” and others finding themselvs unable to follow its byzantinely boring plot. Look at the reviews on Amazon for samples. Now comes new evidence that the version of POSTERN OF FATE which we have was severely edited and that Christie’s original may be a very different (and more cogent) work than the one we all know and abhor. 

Linda W. Jones says:

Agatha’s worst book! I am an Agatha Christie fan, and although her books don’t have the deep character development of some authors, she’s generally ingenious in the construction of the mysteries, and such a good writer that each book is a pleasure to read. 

Adam Cole says:

Dame Agatha’s bid to write as irritatingly as PD James Worst Agatha Christie, hands down. Standing on the distant periphery of a very low-octane spy/murder mystery, one listens helplessly as the two yawn-inducing retirees exchange Quaint Old Married Couple repartee, prattle interminably about greengages and speckled laurels and old children’s books, and dash off blithering into pointless digression at the first threat of tangible plot development. Found a vital clue cunningly hidden, have we? Actually examining it would be too obvious. Instead,…

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