Agatha Christie Mysteries: Philomel Cottage, the Red Signal, the Mystery of the Spanish Shawl

September 10, 2013 - Comment

Contains “Philomel Cottage,” “The Red Signal,” and “The Mystery of the Spanish Shawl.” 2 cassettes. Related Related posts: The Essential Agatha Christie Stories: Agatha Christies Best Short Sleuths Crack Twenty-Two Famous Cases The Red Signal: An Agatha Christie Short Story The Mystery of the Spanish Shawl: A Short Story The Red Signal: A Parker Pyne

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Brenda "MYSHELFDOTCOM" says:

Great Audio! Philomel Cottage: Alix Marin, in love with a man for 11 years, suddenly falls for a stranger and marries him instead. After moving to the country things begin to become curious. Her new husband stories don’t seem to add up. She decides to investigate and finds out she is the one in danger…

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