Agatha Christie Mystery Collection (The Queen of Mystery)

December 6, 2013 - Comment

4 books: Murder on the Orient Express, And then there were none, The body in the Library and Clues to Christie Related Related posts: Agatha Christie Mystery Collection The Seven Dials Mystery (Agatha Christie Mysteries Collection) Agatha Christie Collection 9 Book Set (Hercule Poirot Classic Mysteries, THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE) Agatha Christie Collection featuring Helen Hayes

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Hala, Egypt says:

Agatha Christie Mystery Collection [Hardcover] Descsription is misleading. I ordered the book expecting to receive many titles collected in 1 volume, but received only “Murder on the Orient Express”!!! I will never order books from Wonderbooks55 again. Why should 1 book cost $73 while another story by the same author costs only $10.

Stephanie says:

Misleading I would have to say that the description is extremely misleading. 50 books are listed as the description and not all of the sellers are offering 50 books. I would contact the seller before purchasing. I thought I was ordering a 50-book set and I only received 12 books. I did not even know which books I ordered.

Ts says:

Misleading Got just 12 books while the main description says otherwise. Turtlecreek is not a vendor I recommend. I didn’t even get to choose my books.

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