Agatha Christies Garden

December 2, 2015 - Comment

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Tali says:

DISAPPOINTING Too many talking heads, self-professed authorities on the Life of Agatha Christie. (They all rehash the same stuff. The interview with her grandson (?) was the exception.) What is needed on the disk, for those of us who may not be able to travel, are long, lovely walks through the garden, identifying plants, visiting animals and birds, as well as distant views. A very disappointing disk if one was hoping for a lengthy, peaceful walk through the gardens that Ms. Christie loved.

C. M. Hoover says:

Not about Gardening but Worth It The other reviewer(s) are right, this is not about gardening and it really can’t be. As you learn from the DVD, Agatha Christie bought her last house at the start of WWII when the estate was taken over by the military. By the time she could actually live in it, the original garden was gone. She was a spectator, neither a garden designer nor keeper, that was husband number two and most likely the hired help. 

Garnet says:

I Guess I Wanted More This DVD was really hit and miss. I loved being able to see Agatha Christie’s garden at Greenways and Greenways itself, plus the stories about her previous home and seeing the pictures of her as a child and the information about her life and career. I hadn’t know about her break-down where she disappeared and people weren’t sure if she was alive or dead…this could have fit right into one of her works. 

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