Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Collection 2 (VHS Boxed Set)

July 4, 2013 - Comment

The Moving Finger, They Do it With Mirrors, Nemesis, Murder s=at the Vicarage, At Bertram’s Hotel. Related Related posts: Miss Marple( The Complete Short Stories( A Miss Marple Collection)[MISS MARPLE THE COMP SHORT STO][Paperback] The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories: Featuring Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Mr. Parker Pyne (Agatha Christie Collection) Miss Marple: The

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C. O. DeRiemer says:

While others have done well, Joan Hickson is the defining Miss Marple…and Nemesis is one first-rate mystery story Says Professor Wanstead to Miss Jane Marple (Joan Hickson) after the murderer has been discovered, “So Mr. Rafiel’s faith in his son is justified after all.” “Oh, no, Professor,” Miss Marple replies, “it wasn’t like that at all. Mr. Rafiel wanted justice for the dead girl, even if it meant the sacrifice of his son.” “Do you think he considered that,” the Professor asks. “Oh, yes,” Miss Marple says. “He knew I wouldn’t flinch, even if it meant sending Michael to the gallows. He called me…

Dianne Foster "Di" says:

A noticing kind of person…… Step back into Britain of the 1950s. WWII is over and this is your opportunity to enjoy a vanished world of vintage buses, cars and trains. Carry your leather suitcase into the vine covered cottage, or visit your old school chum in her palatial mansion. Observe the Vicar and his wife on their bicycles. Visit the Norman Church for Evensong and note original frescos installed during the Middle Ages. If you’re free for a holiday, take a motorcoach trip and visit Blenheim and Stourton. Dine at a…

PhoneConnoisseur says:

Miss Marple, Set 1 I am writing more in response to the reviews that refer to the quality of these DVD’s or, rather, the lack thereof. I have to agree that these DVD’s do not live up to anything Criterion puts out (no company does it better) but, on the other hand, I don’t expect it to be that quality for the price paid. Also, these originally were filmed in that late 1980’s and I would doubt that the original negatives were retained for recording purposes some 16 years later.

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