Agatha Christie’s The Witness for the Prosecution

April 4, 2017 - Comment

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MsPea says:

Not nearly as bad as other reviewers have indicated. I didn’t find this version as bad as some others did. I thought it depicted the time following the war very well, with the cynicism and desire to forget and to make up for lost time by getting rich quick that characterized that time. Toby Stevens was as good as ever–he’s so excellent at playing pathetic little weasels.I wasn’t familiar with Andrea Riseborough, but I thought she played the conniving jilted girlfriend very well. I admit the story is dark, but I don’t mind a dark tale, or…

SimFanatic says:

A Marvelously Well-told Tale I’m quite unsure why so many have given this negative reviews; unless, of course, those reviewers have become too accustomed to the glitz and whizbang so endemic to US productions. I quite enjoy British cinema and, if you’re like me, you will like this. Well acted; excellent, if dark, settings; and a story line true to Agatha Christie’s book.

Richard M. Koch says:

Agatha Christie as You Would Never Expect Stunning production of what might be an ‘old clunker’. This is Agatha Christie as you would never expect. There is psychological depth, whiffs of depravity, and a devastating portrait of Mayhew’s unhappy marriage. The production is first rate, as is the acting. Even the fluffy cat has a starring role. A wonderfully crafted and presented version of the classic tale, and you can forget the 1957 movie version with Charles Laughton.Crime and drama are well served here: must see!

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