Cards on the Table

May 17, 2017 - Comment

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Whistlers Mom says:

Deal me OUT During Agatha Christie’s early life, bridge was a staple of upper middle class English life. Everyone was expected to play because it was a way to keep a room full of people occupied. As a character in REBECCA says, “What else can you DO in the evenings?” Television not having been invented and conversation being out of the question, apparently. This book revolves around an evening of bridge, which I don’t play and don’t understand. The first time I read it, I thought that my lack of…

Kilian85710 says:

I didn’t like it I must be lacking the murder mystery gene, because I didn’t care for this book. When I read a murder mystery, the characters are so much more important to me than the person killed and who killed him and why. In this book, no character was very apppealing and I couldn’t find anyone to care about. The murdered man was nasty, everyone had the means, motive, and opportunity to kill him and even 15 minutes after finishing the book, I don’t remember which one M. Poirot fingered as the killer. I…

Joglass says:

One of Christie’s best, but not as well known Been reading & re-reading Christie for 50 years. Classic cozy British mysteries and this is one of my favortites. She should be read in the order in which she wrote the books, the characters age & circumstances change but the detectives (Hercule Poirot & Miss Marple, principally) are forever themselves. Christie is the best at misdirecting the reader and she outstrips every other author in terms of volume! Highly recommend reading her: she’s a classic. And so is Cards on the Table.

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