Caribbean Mystery Part 1

July 30, 2013 - Comment

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jasonhad says:

English Sunshine If you’re an Agatha Christie fan, this is probably one for the library. If you appreciate Joan Hickson’s translation of the spinster sleuth’s character, it’s a must, despite the poor quality of the video, which has not survived well the move to DVD for US TV screens from the UK’s more advanced system when the film was shot. Features are fuzzy, as if through a Vaselined lens . . . But the fun of Joan Dickson’s performance is worth the frustrations, and as Jane Marple fuddy-duddides along in her…

Stephen Pletko "Uncle Stevie" says:

The Perfect Vacation…Sunshine, Rest, and Murder!!! +++++I watched this movie without reading the 1964 Dame Agatha Christie novel that it was based on. (Christie wrote twelve full-length Miss Marple murder mysteries.) I’m glad I did this! Why? Because it forced me to really watch the movie in order to try and deduce who the murderer was.The movie begins with Miss Marple (the late Joan Hickson) at a hotel resort on Barbados Island located in the Caribbean Sea which is bounded on one side by the West Indies. (The West…

bernie "xyzzy" says:

Introducing Jason Rafiel This is one of the Agatha Christy novel to film “Miss Marple series” staring Joan Hickson.Miss Marple is given some time in Barbados for here health. There she is in the right place and at the right time to help with the mysterious death of Major Palgrave. She and millionaire Jason Rafiel bandy wits over who did it and why. Again Miss is more of the catalyst and also points out the obvious (at least to her) to others such as Captain Daventry (Zakes Mokae.)This story…

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