Crooked House

November 24, 2017 - Comment

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Michael Cook says:

Kept me guesssing! Interesting plot, I didnâ??t figure out â??who done itâ? till the very end! Totally Agatha Christy and the acting and characters were wonderful.

Amazon Customer says:

Who Done It? An all-star cast makes for a great list of suspects… A wonderful adaptation of one of my favorite Agatha Christie mysteries. I knew the ending, of course, because I’ve read the book more than once, but that did not stop me from enjoying this movie. Watching another favorite – Glenn Close – added to the pleasure. All mystery fans should put this on their list!

Michael Lassell says:

I’m a great fan of mysteries and I’m a great fan of mysteries and, particularly, Agatha Christie. I found this film to be lumpy and boring, so “speech” that I glazed over more than once. Generally without suspense and highly unsatisfying in its resolution. No one in the cast is doing his or her best work, and I’m not sure why anyone thought the project was crying out for an American to play British (Glenn Close). It’s definitely not worth the $9.99 rental price. If you must see it, wait until the price comes down.

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