Dead Man’s Mirror (Mystery Collection Leatherette Hardcover)

April 25, 2017 - Comment

An edition of the Agatha Christie Mystery Collection in distinctive blue leatherette hardcover Related Related posts: They Came to Baghdad (The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection) Agatha Christie (Mystery Collection) – 4-Disc Box Set ( Murder on the Orient Express / Death on the Nile / The Mirror Crack’d / Evil Under the Sun ) [

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Lovin' Retirement says:

Love Agatha! Agatha Christie and I go back to my teenage years (now retired), and I am so happy to be reading her again on my Kindle. I love pitting myself against Hercule Poirot. It’s a classic whodunit, great plot…induction and deduction…no foul language and no gore. Great read!

Matilda de Nada says:

Fun and entertaining, easy read with just a smidge of humor here and there I’m not a fan of short stories, but I just do not have the will power to pass up the opportunity to read, yet again, one of Agatha Christie’s books….long or short! I love the humor that the rather pompous little Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, provides for the reader as he meticulously solves crimes. He is a bit unorthodox in his conclusions and does not give up until he solves his case. In this adventure Poirot receives a note requesting his presence at a time to be later disclosed…

Johnhsv says:

Is Poirot Holmes in disguise ? The skills of observation and putting the observed items into a story of how and who are the same for Hercule and Sherlock. The fact all the observed items are also available to the reader yet the reader can’t solve the murder himself or herself create a mood of anticipation until the moment of unveiling so the reader can see the clues observed earlier and, “of course” now it all falls on place. “How come I didn’t see that?

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