Hallowe’en Party (Hercule Poirot)

July 22, 2013 - Comment

At a Hallowe’en party, Hercule Poirot aids mystery writer Ariadne Oliver in an investigation into the murder of a young girl-who may have witnessed a murder herself. But unmasking the killer proves more daunting than bobbing for apples. Related Related posts: Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags Bundle: Includes Treat Bags, Sticker Boxer, Halloween Pencils, Halloween

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R. Chaffey "beckahi" says:

The Plot for Murder Even though “Hallowe’en Party” was written later in Agatha Christie’s career, and some might believe it to be somewhat of a letdown from earlier works, it retains all the trademarks of what make Christie’s intricately woven, delightfully detected mysteries so endearing and timeless. With Hercule Poirot serving as the sleuth who steps in to solve the murder, “Hallowe’en Party” is quick-paced and filled with a cast of characters who seemingly all have something to gain, or hide.When…

Meredith Burton "Bookworm" says:

Chilling Poirot mystery The story begins innocently enough – a children’s Hallowe’en party. One of the adult guests is Ariadne Oliver, the famous crime novelist. One of the children at the party, in order to impress Mrs. Oliver claims to have seen a murder committed. No one takes any notice, dismissing her story, until the girl turns up dead at the end of the party. Horrified by the tragedy, Mrs. Oliver turns to her old friend Hercule Poirot for help, despite her belief that women should be running Scotland…

Anonymous says:

An Intricately Woven Plot By a Terrific Author Agatha Christie was a true mistress at presenting unique mystery plots and shocking conclusions! Although Miss Jane Marple is my favorite of her series detectives, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is just as engaging and worth getting to know. His gentle arrogance and wit alone are well worth taking the time to try one of the instalments in this particular series, not to mention his brilliant deductive powers. “Halloween Party” is one of Christie’s Hercule Poirot works, ranking up there with…

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