Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

June 28, 2013 - Comment

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Harold Wolf "Doc" says:

For those newly discovering Poirot, for fans upgrading image, Poirot is 6 star. It’s REMASTERED. Of course it’s reissued as series 6. 4 Poirots. Previously aired/released episodes, but now with better picture. According to friends using Blu-ray, it’s great if you have a large screen. Excellent on normal DVDs too. Sets being offered are in original UK airing order. I’ve listed episodes, so check and see if you already own them.If not, this is a grand opportunity for those new to this Belgian with `little gray cell’ who out-sleuths `The Yard.’ David Suchet made Poirot…

Tony Marquise Jr. says:

Poirot Entertains Again I have all the modern(BBC) David Suchet DVDs of him playing Poirot. All of them are very entertaining and are more enjoyable than 98% of anything else on TV. Watch them all and be happy.

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