Miss Marple meets murder

January 25, 2015 - Comment

Hardcover: 661 pages Publisher: Nelson Doubleday Related Related posts: Miss Marple: The Complete Collection Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Collection 2 (VHS Boxed Set) Miss Marple meets murder Miss Marple Meets Murder: The Mirror Crack’d/A Pocket Full Of Rye/At Bertram’s Hotel/The Moving Finger

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Detective Miss Marple’s “proper” but shrewd character comes alive in this 4 in 1 thrill packed book. “The Mirror Crack’d” reveals the mysterious murder of quaint village folk who attends a large party thrown in the mansion of a glamorous film star. By reading movie magazines, Miss Marple identifies the true murderer – and the true victim.A poisoned wealth businessman is found dead in his office in “A Pocket Full of Rye.” When Miss Marple starts looking for…

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