Miss Marple the Complete Short Stories (Large Print)

December 12, 2016 - Comment

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Adam Graham, Superhero and Detective Fiction ... says:

Entertaining Stories and a Great Value from Dame Agatha Christie This book collects all the short stories starring Agatha Christie’s famous elderly spinster detective Miss Marple. 

Whistlers Mom says:

If only Sherlock had KNITTED instead of smoking that foul pipe! To paraphrase Ginger Rogers, Miss Marple does everything Hercule Poirot does, but backwards and in high heels. After all, M. Poirot is a retired police officer and a professional detective and (as a professional and a MALE) has the respect and cooperation of the police on all levels and of lawyers, tycoons, and even aristocrats. In a world where elderly women are respected in theory but not in practice, it’s a testament to Miss Marple’s greatness that she not only figures out “whodunit” but…

Kim says:

Harper and Collins The only criticism I have of this book, as it is otherwise completely entertaining, is that there are pages missing. Not that it skips from page 156 to 164 but that there are probably two pages of story line missing from 156 to 157. I’m just issuing this as a warning to anyone who purchases this edition. I will contact Harper and Collins and let them know about this as well.

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