Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side

July 22, 2013 - Comment

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Thomas Morassini says:

Great This is one of the best of the TV Miss Marple films. there are stunning performances by Joan Hickson, Claire Bloom,Glynnis Barber,Barry Newman,Elizabeth Garvie, Margaret Courtnay,and Gwen Watford.Watch this film.

Cory says:

Classic Christie Aunt Jane finds herself at a local an annual summer garden party hosted by the new owners of Gossington Hall. The new owner is an aging movie star who is at odds with the studio producing the latest movie. A visitor mysteriously dies. People start dropping like flies and the Movie Star (Marina) knows she is next. The title of the movie is taken from “The Lady of Shallot”Joan Hickson is Miss Marple. Agatha Christie always considered her as the ideal Miss Marple; she shows this…

Anonymous says:

This is a classic Agatha Christie show. You should rate the show not the service. No reason to knock Christie.

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