Murder Ahoy

October 12, 2015 - Comment

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Michael Taylor says:

Murder Ahoy “Murder Ahoy”, starring Margaret Rutherford, is another charming addition to the Miss Marple Movie series. The setting is partly an English seaside village while the main setting is a small ship just offshore from the village. 

Esperanza Reynolds says:

Agatha Christie murder mystery at its best… There is nothing better than seeing old movies. Their simplicity and lack of special effects made acting an art, and what is better than to see a good Agatha Christie mystery unfold before our eyes? 

The Reviewer Formerly Known as Kurt Johnson says:

It’s great! When elderly spinster Jane Marple (played by Margaret Rutherford) attends a meeting of trustees for a training ship for juvenile delinquents, and one of her fellow trustees drops dead under mysterious circumstances, she realizes that it is time for her to investigate. Boarding the ship, HMS Battledore, she soon finds out that things are positively fishy! Somebody about the Battledore is hiding something, and they are prepared to use murder to keep their secret. [Black and White, released in…

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