Murder With Mirrors

January 28, 2017 - Comment

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Banjo says:

Bette Davis looks like she rose from the grave to take this role What a stinker. Bette Davis looks like she rose from the grave to take this role. One side of her face was partially paralyzed from the stroke she suffered and she is as thin as a bird. She has few lines as a result and they are delivered in a wooden fashion. It must have been infectious on the set because the rest of the cast including John Mills is every bit as wooden except the delightful hambone Leo McKern, best known for Rumpole of the Old Bailey. Helen Hays, the Grand Lady of the American…

PianoMom54 says:

Can’t go wrong with Bette Davis and Helen Hayes! Two of my favorite actresses together! Can’t go wrong with an Agatha Christie story either. Well done. Made me feel very nostalgic!

Dusty says:

Worth it in the End it starts very slowly. After the first half though everyone hits their stride. This was Bette Davis after her stroke. She gives a good performance in spite of that. Mills does a pretty good job.

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