Murder with Mirrors

October 7, 2015 - Comment

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Carver Green says:

WILL SOMEONE LET THE WOMAN SPEAK? What “improvements” have been made for the Bantam edition? There are already major differences in punctuation, word choices, and scene breaks between the original Collins (THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS) and Dodd Mead editions of this novel. There are further differences between the Dodd Mead editions republished by Random House/Avenel and the Dodd Mead editions republished by Simon & Shuster/Pocket. There are further additions still in the Signet, Berkley, and Black Dog & Leventhal editions. For…

Brad Daviach says:

A Great Book!! I’ve read almost every single one of Agatha Christie’s books and this one was a very enjoyable read. It manages to keep the read interested while providing clues at every turn without going on and on about trivial details like the condition of the world’s gardens(It actually does mention the garden but only as an excuse for Ms. Marple to be approached by various characters and have pre-murder conversations. Fortuneatly, there are no garden based conversations in the book). 

george sand says:

Big Fan but big Disappointment I just gave up half way through the book…the multitude of dull characters, the unappealing setting (old decaying rambling estate)being turned into some rehab center for juvenile delinquents and/or mentally illplus the plodding dialogue as we are introduced to each interminably as they “meet” Jane Marple . I gave up on page 87 not caring who got killed or who dunnit!

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