N or M?

June 18, 2017 - Comment

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K. A. Smith says:

Agatha Christie nails her colours to the mast It is 1940. England is at war. Blitzkrieg is about to begin. Tommy and Tuppence are being told they are too old for active war service. Their twin offspring Derek and Deborah are of course younger and are in the Air Force and nursing respectively. 

namwan kalong says:

N or M review This book, in the Kindle format, is one of the later books in the Tommy and Tuppence series. Agatha Christie does not break up the original grouping of characters, so even Arthur is brought back to play a pivotal role for all that it was not the highlight of the book. Her presentation of the characters at the boarding house where the book takes place does keep you guessing as to who the N or M characters are, in addition to the wandering female and the subset of other male characters that add…

One-of-a-Kind says:

Good Rainy-day Read The story line was classic character-development indicative of a Christie novel. Not quite as suspenseful as others and the conclusion was a bit more predictable.

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