Nemesis (The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection)

April 24, 2015 - Comment

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Antoinette Klein says:

Miss Marple Solves Mystery at Request of Deceased Friend Readers met Jason Rafiel in “A Caribbean Mystery” and may recall his high opinion of Miss Marple’s knowlegdge of evil and her sense of justice. When Mr. Rafiel grows too ill to set a terible injustice right, he leaves that duty to Miss Marple in his will along with a bequest of twenty thousand pounds. Miss Marple agrees to do what she can but is puzzled since she is given no information. Knowing Mr. Rafiel as she does, however, she knows he will guide her if only from the grave…

Jeanne Tassotto says:

Verity means truth….. and Miss Marple is seeking the truth about the long ago tragic death of a young woman named Verity.While on vacation last year Jane Marple had met fellow traveler Jason Rafiel. Together they solved a crime (CARIBBEAN MYSTERY) and then passed out of each other’s lives – or so Miss Marple thought. She was quite surprised to find that he had left her a bequest in his will. She was even more surprised to find what the bequest was amd what Mr. Rafiel requested that she do. It seemed…

Jerred Stephenson says:

My first Miss Marple Readers of Nemisis are in for a real treat. I am a 23 year old college student, who really has nothing in common with Jane Marple other than the fact that we both enjoy mysteries. My teacher recommended this book to me and am I so glad he did. This book is not just about a mystery; it is about not allowing yourself to grow old. The body will age, nothing can stop that, but the mind can stay as vital and active as we want it to be. Miss. Marple who is an elderly woman comes in and unlocks a…

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