Peril at End House (Part 2)

July 28, 2013 - Comment

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Harold Wolf "Doc" says:

wonderful book to TV adaptations and Poirot by Suchet-perfection Any POIROT set is just plain GOOD murder mystery. Agatha Christie suspense perfect. David Suchet acting excellence. Combined they make any British Mystery viewer salivate. Add top guest stars in each, SUBTITLES for the hearing and dialect challenged, and kick in some of the best filmed period mystery ever produced. It’s what fans have come to expect with Poirot, Agatha Christie, Masterpiece Mystery, and the untouchable as Hercule Poirot–David Suchet.The Blu-rays and new DVDs are…

Usually happy says:

Using the little grey cells… I never paid much attention to the show, and then one day it popped up on a rainy day and I decided to watch the very first episode… Now I’m totally addicted to the “who done its”… Poirot is such a great character and David Suchet is awesome at portraying poirot… Gotta love the mustache!

Anonymous says:

David sachet truly brings the poirot character by agatha christie to life. He was simply born to be poirot. Besides the great cast, the English settings are beautiful.

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