Poirot Loses a Client (The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection)

February 19, 2015 - Comment

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Nik "mystery fan" says:

Christie Does It Again!! This book borrows from the premise of The Mysterious Affair At Stlyes (A.C.’s 1st book) in that the premise is very similar: A wealthy woman dies. Her would be heirs become suspects. Emily Arundell has her two nieces and nephew down for an Easter holiday visit. She’s suspicious of them in that they all are trying to get their hands on her money. One night, she falls down a flight of stairs, becoming convinced that one of them is trying to kill her. She then writes to Hercule Poirot to help her…

bookwormking says:

Um, wow? 0

Kurt A. Johnson says:

A wonderful little book This is not the first time that Hercule Poirot has received a letter from a woman who fears that her life is in danger, but what makes it strange is that the letter was written some two months before it was sent! The mystery deepens when Poirot goes to see the lady, and finds out that she died one month after the letter was written, and one month before it was sent. It seems that Emily Arundell was a rich lady, who was surrounding by greedy, grasping relatives who wanted her money. Finally, she…

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