Sparkling Cyanide

September 13, 2017 - Comment

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D. L. Maxwell says:

First rate entertainment. A much better entry than the first series – excellent writing, superior direction and great acting meshed into a witty and enjoyable package.First rate in all aspects and in particular the comedic timing of Elodie Frenk. I understand there are additional episodes and really hopethey are made available as they are worth every penny.

Hunter says:

Christie turned French with humour!!!! French redos of Christie stories. Fun with silliness. French with English subtitles.

John Hennessy Jr. says:

New French twist to Agatha Christie’s mysteries in French. If you like Agatha Christie’s movies and love French foreign films try this out. However, there is no Poriot or Miss Marple. These stories are told with new characters and settings from a 1930’s-1940’s era. I really like them.

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