Ten Little Indians: Agatha Christie Collection: Classic Mystery [VHS]

July 21, 2013 - Comment

Remake of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Iindians.” Ten people are invited on an African safari and find themselves being picked off one by one by a mysterious killer. Related Related posts: Agatha Christie Collection 9 Book Set (Hercule Poirot Classic Mysteries, THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE) TEN LITTLE INDIANS, Original Agatha Christie Movie Poster Agatha Christie Classic

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bernie "xyzzy" says:

Hugh Lombard, “Drop dead!” 8 people are invited to a remote mountaintop chalet by their host U.N. Owen; two people are already there as the butler and cook. Once there they find that their mysterious host has accused each of murder and commences to dispatch the guests in the order of a song of Ten Little Indians. Finding that they are cut off from the outside world they must find Mr. Owen and neutralize him before they are all dispatched.All the clues are present; can you detect whodunit and why…

Richard A. Ketterer says:

Enjoyable version of my favorite Christie First off, I’m a huge Christie fan, and Ten Little Indians is my favorite of her stories. This is a solid, enjoyable retelling of the story, though it lacks the top drawer quality of the 1939 original. The entire 39 cast was terrific. This one has some great performances, some competent ones, and some laughably bad ones. Standout in this cast are Wilfrid Hyde White as the Judge, Stanley Holloway, Daliah Lavi, Shirley Eaton, and Hugh O’Brian. Equally bad are Fabian as the playboy, and…

Anonymous says:

Mixed results trying to realize story’s potential The 1965 film is enjoyable and energetic. The characters are well-cast, especially the doctor, judge, Blore, and general. Some are more feisty than elsewhere, like the maid, butler, and spinster Brent, revamped as conceited actress Ilona and given a different, but entertaining, character and past crime. Only in this film are the maid and butler convincingly menacing. Fabian is obnoxious as a re-named Marston, but he is supposed to be; the film nicely places that character in a dissolute…

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