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Kindle Customer "Lisa" says:

ACTORS AT THEIR FINEST HOUR It is hard to believe that it took me 50 years to begin to read and watch Hercules Poirot. I since have spent this last year reading and watching every book and every show/movie MANY TIMES over! David Suchet is Hercules Poirot personified. I can not imagine another actor playing this part, Suchet is perfect. I enjoy the early years with Captain Hastings. During their first years filming together it was almost comedy. When Suchet went on his own, changed Butler’s and apartments it seems his…

Israel Drazin says:

An interesting tale with many labors for Poirot This film is somewhat different than the unusual Poirot because Poirot is depressed after failing to save the life of a young women and failing to stop the theft of a valuable painting and jewels. It also contains a woman who Poirot once loved. It is called “The Labours of Hercules” because of the theft of a painting with that name and because it refers to the labors of Hercule Poirot. There are essentially five plots, all of which virtually all viewers will be unable to…

Mike T. Hubler says:

Failed attempt to modernize Poirot What happened, BBC? I own the entire original BBC TV series and earlier movies starring David Suchet and can watch them over and over. David Suchet is my favorite Poirot. Poirot is my favorite Agatha Christie character and Agatha Christie is my favorite mystery author. These “newer” Poirot episodes reflect neither the books nor the David Suchet character that we have come to love and revere over the last decades. The new seasons seem to be a misguided attempt to replicate the success of…

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