The Body in the Library

June 28, 2013 - Comment

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Katherine says:

Too many changes. I watched the new Miss Marple series, excited to see what Geraldine McEwan would do with the role. Unfortunately, I don’t like what they’ve done with this latest batch of Christie’s. Mrs. McEwan is a fine actress and she brings a “fluffiness” to the role that is missing from the Hickson version. Still, there is too much tampering with the plotlines to suit me. There are significant changes made in a couple of the stories, most notably in “The Body in the Library” so let the buyer beware…

Margaret M. Duffy says:

Really awful The new Miss Marple series is truly awful. Not only is Geraldine McEwen completely miscast as the elderly spinster sleuth, but the stories themselves have been distorted to make them “politically correct” in the modern sense. The result is a confusing mess. Ms. McEwen is a fine actress and I have enjoyed her in other roles, but as Miss Marple she’s a disaster. Her Miss Marple, with the little smirks and little girl voice, could hardly be described as Nemesis. Nor would she ever have gained…

Pawel says:

Unbe-@#$%^&-lievable!!! To change a classic story in a way that gives it a modern politically correct twist (necessarily involving a same-sex couple, as you may have guessed) is much more than abominable. What next? Shall we be redoing the books as well? I just couldn’t believe that crap and had to see the ending (I mean “The body in the library”) twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Mind you, people don’t read today as much as they used to, so in a few years the public perception of Agatha Christie’s stories will be shaped by these pathetic imitations.

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