The Chocolate Box [HD]

April 12, 2015 - Comment

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Harold Wolf "Doc" says:

If you don’t already own, or want this upgraded image, Poirot is 6 star. REMASTERED set 5 is 8 Poirots. Belgian with `little gray cell’ out-sleuths `The Yard.’ David Suchet made Poirot famous. Philip Jackson plays Chief Inspector Japp in last 5 episodes. Hastings (Hugh Fraser) Poirot’s right-hand is available for all but one episode. Miss Lemon (Pauline Moran) in 6 episodes. Agatha Christie stories always fantastic, but Suchet makes the film adaptations soar to new heights. Humor, scenic bliss, and costume lust rival the script writing. Poirot stories began a 1920s…

Paul J. Mular says:

Classic collection gets the HD- re-master from the original camera films. Series 5 returns to the one-hour format basing the stories on the Poirot Short Stories.These had been previously released in various Poirot Collections using the old 1993 film to video transfers in standard definition. Now ITV has gone back to the original camera films to do new Hi-Definition transfers, making the series look fresh and new.The eight great one hour episodes here are:34 5-01 17/January/93 “THE ADVENTURES OF THE EGYPTIAN TOMB”35 5-02…

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