The Clocks (Hercule Poirot)

June 15, 2016 - Comment

The Queen of Crime clocks in with a classic of untimely demise. At her new job, Sheila Webb finds a corpse surrounded by five clocks, each set to a different time. Fortunately, Hercule Poirot has nothing but time to piece together one of his most puzzling cases. Related Related posts: Agatha Christie Collection 9 Book

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A Customer says:

Trust No Clue (hehe) The first time I read this novel, I had to reread it again. Why? So many questions still linger at the end of the story even though the pages has ended. I wondered and reread and after the third reading, I finally got it all. 

R. M. Fisher says:

“He Just Came There to be Killed…” “The Clocks” starts with possibly one of the strangest setups in the Agatha Christie canon: a young woman is called to an address to do typing for the blind resident that has specially requested her, only to find a body in a room full of clocks – all of which, oddly enough, are set at the wrong hour. Even odder, her client Mrs Pebmarsh denies having ever made the call requesting for a stenographer in the first place. The man has no identification about him at all except for a card with the name…

Antoinette Klein says:

Murder Most Timely We learn that Hercule Poirot has taken up the study of classic mysteries and his knowledge of these leads him to solve the mystery in this particular case. 

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