The Complete Miss Marple Short Stories

September 7, 2015 - Comment

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Debbie says:

Very Enjoyable “Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories” is a collection of twenty short mysteries featuring Miss Marple. Though written as contemporary mysteries, they are now historical mysteries. A few of the stories mentioned a historical (or British) thing where I couldn’t figure out what meant. Perhaps this was because they were short stories or because some of them were early in her career. I’ve never had this problem with Agatha Christie’s novels. 

K. Hill says:

A Superb Collection of Short Stories I love the character of Miss Marple. The way she is constantly underestimated never ceases to amuse. Agatha Christie was up to her best when she wrote these stories. Nothing’s predictable except that Miss Marple will solve the crime. My favorites in this collection are from The Tuesday Club Murders. None of the stories in this book are very long but with each one I couldn’t wait to get to the end and find out who the murderer was. I’ve read the book twice yet I still couldn’t recall or…

Kim says:

Harper and Collins The only criticism I have of this book, as it is otherwise completely entertaining, is that there are pages missing. Not that it skips from page 156 to 164 but that there are probably two pages of story line missing from 156 to 157. I’m just issuing this as a warning to anyone who purchases this edition. I will contact Harper and Collins and let them know about this as well.

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