The Disappearance Of Mr Davenheim

February 6, 2016 - Comment

Mr. Davenheim, a wealthy financier, leaves his home to mail a letter, then fails to return. The story fills the newspapers and intrigues Hercule Poirot, who challenges Inspector Japp with the claim that he can solve the case before the police, and without leaving his flat. Related Related posts: Masterpieces in Miniature: Stories: The Detectives;

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Cozy Reader says:

Hercule Poirot at his best! Captain Hastings, Hercule Poirot and Inspector Japp are sitting down discussing a case: the disappearance of Mr Davenheim. The police are unable to locate Mr Davenheim, and fear that the case will go unresolved. Poirot steps in and boasts that he can solve the case right from his own chair using his “grey cells”. Japp says he can’t, so the bet is on. Can the truly amazing Poirot actually solve this case from his armchair? 

Stella H. Schofield says:

Great Reading The story kept moving but not to fast that you couldn’t follow it. Cast of characters were great. Of course, M. Periot was the star. But the ending caught me by surprise. I never expected it. One of the best Agatha Christie books, and I’ve read most of them.

So Petite says:

A TASTY BIT OF INTRIQUE Dame Christie has written a clever short story that from beginning to end suspends us in entangled mystery. Poriot solves this entanglement quickly and easily in his usual first rate way. A FIVE STAR A. G. CHRISTIE STORY. E-N-j-O-Y!

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