The House of Lurking Death

August 7, 2013 - Comment

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Bella56 says:

Loved it! In reading all the Agatha Christie crime novels, I really loved the two about Tommy & Tuppence and was disappointed that she had not written more about the two. I felt that the two seasons I watched were fun and they did a good jobof keeping the feel of the books that I enjoyed so much . Loved the clothes, cars and music of that era and the beautiful English countryside.

Doc's Grand says:

Liked it so much I will say it twice! Liked It! I had never seen this show or heard of it, but I love everything Agatha C. and she did not disappoint! I loved how the two got together and how they each” winged it” from time to time. Was suspenseful but ended up well. I look forward to seeing others in the series.

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