The Labours of Hercules: Complete Short Stories: Complete & Unabridged by Agatha Christie (2005-12-05)

September 11, 2017 - Comment

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James B. says:

Christie takes on the Greek hero The Labours of Hercules features Hercule Poirot deciding to solve a series of symbolic mysteries/puzzles referencing Hercules before he retires (again?). These puzzles take on myriad forms, from kidnapping to political scandal to theft to drugs to murder. 

Sharon says:

Loved these stories Loads of stories I’d never read before… short stories. There are 12 short stories; 1. The Nemean Lion, 2. The Lernean Hydra; 3, The Arcadian Deer, 4. THe Erymanthian Boar; 5. The Augean Stables; 6, The Stymphalean Birds; 7. The Cretan Bull; 8. The Horses of Diomedes; 9. The Girdle of Hypolita; 10. The Flock of Geryon; 11. The Apples of Hesperides; and 12. The Capture of Cerberus. I found that I like her short stories in that I could spend an hour or so of enjoyable reading…

Megan M. Antonucci says:

Agatha Christie takes on Greek mythology This is one of Agatha Christie’s better offerings. There are 12 short stories, each one decidedly different from its predecessors. The characters are not a finely drawn as in her longer books, but the subject matter is interesting and each story moves at a quick pace. It is interesting to see the connection Dame Christie makes between Poirot and Hercules of Greek mythology. Poirot is definitely the triumphant winner. Sit back and enjoy a good yarn.Megan Antonucci

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