The Life and Times of Miss Jane Marple

September 20, 2013 - Comment

The author has examined every short story and novel in which Miss Marple appears, uncovering and tying together details and observations to produce a portrait of the fluffy but shrewd spinster. Related Related posts: Miss Marple( The Complete Short Stories( A Miss Marple Collection)[MISS MARPLE THE COMP SHORT STO][Paperback] Miss Marple( The Complete Short Stories)[MISS

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Elsie Wilson says:

Organised sorting of Christie’s information A biography of Agatha Christie’s female lead, Jane Marple. Fairly well written, as far as it goes, which is, naturally, no further than Christie went. Hart does not invent anything, barely speculates on the information we don’t have given in the canon of half a dozen novels and a dozen or more short stories. Rather than a biography, even one of a fictional character, this is more of a systematisation (is that the word i want?) of the given information. As such, it is interesting to learn…

Anonymous says:

Thorough research on a fictional character makes Miss Marple a “real” person. The author has done her homework to recreate one of literature’s favorite detective.

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