The Mirror Crack’d (Miss Marple Mysteries)

April 15, 2017 - Comment

Movie star Marina Gregg stars in a real-life mystery when her biggest fan is poisoned. Scene stealer Miss Jane Marple suspects that the lethal cocktail was intended for someone else, and wonders who’s next for a final fade-out. Related Related posts: Miss Marple( The Complete Short Stories( A Miss Marple Collection)[MISS MARPLE THE COMP SHORT

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Carol McBride says:

Miss Marple continues to see clearer than those around her. I showed the movie version of this story to my senior English class, but, as usual, the book is so much better! Agatha Christie’s knowledge of the human heart is revealed through the thoughts and words of Miss Marple, who sees more than the surface. When an annoying woman is murdered just after gushing to an aging actress about the first time they met, Miss Marple comes to the rescue of the police once again. She even manages to remove the annoying companion hired by her nephew to…

Maralynn Meyers says:

Christie! Great read with some interesting twists! I’ll read again in about a year for fun.

AntiochAndy says:

Vintage Miss Marple THE MIRROR CRACK’D finds the quaint village of St. Mary Mead undergoing changes. Besides the charming old village, there is now a supermarket and a modern neighborhood of tract homes. Despite the physical changes taking place in the area, however, human nature remains a constant. 

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