The Moving Finger

September 1, 2017 - Comment

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Michael Haywood says:

Slow and uninteresting The plot is pretty basic and straight forward. There’s no real originality among the characters. It’s an incredibly boring book and does not do well to maintain your interest. Also, Where the heck is Miss Marple? She doesn’t appear until you are nearly 3/4 done with the book and even then she’s disappears for many pages and only reappears to solve things real quick and explain things to the reader. Such a disappointment of a book, This is the last Miss Marple book I’m gonna read.

LizaJane says:

Read by Joan Hickson This is a review of the recorded book. The story is narrated by Jerry Burton, a young flyer who is recovering from a crash. Unfortunately, the producers decided to have it read by Joan Hickson, an elderly actress who has played Miss Marple on the screen. She has a very well-bred and elderly voice, with some slurring of the words, as though Miss Marple had drunk a couple of sherries. This is disappointing, as in the case of “Murder on the Links,” where the story is narrated by…

kindlefan says:

Poison Pen Jerry Burton and his sister have come to Lymstock for him to recover after an air crash he was in. They think they will get some rest in a small town where they know no one. Too soon they receive a hate letter in the mail and soon learn others have, too. Then Mrs. Symmington kills herself supposedly, but can Jerry, Miss Marple and the police figure out what really happened?Great writing. From Burton’s point of view.

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