The Moving Finger (Miss Marple Mysteries)

August 18, 2013 - Comment

When small-town gossip spreads as fast-and lethal-as venom, someone’s bound to end up dead. And of course, they do. Calling Miss Marple… Related Related posts: Miss Marple Omnibus: “Body in the Library”, “Moving Finger”, “Murder is Announced”, “4.50 from Paddington” v. 1 (Vol 1) Miss Marple Meets Murder: The Mirror Crack’d/A Pocket Full Of Rye/At

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Antoinette Klein says:

Malicious Mail, Murder, Mayhem, and Miss Marple This story is told by Jerry Burton, an RAF flyer recovering from a crash. He has been sent to the village of Lymstock to get rest and quiet. Accompanied by his sister Joanna, Jerry soon finds that all is not as peaceful as he might have hoped. A series of poison pen letters detailing the explicit and often illicit facts of the residents’ lives is causing quite a stir. The fear escalates when an apparent suicide is followed by a murder. With so much wickedness abounding, the vicar’s wife…

cdset "cdset" says:

Agatha Christie’s Psychology of Evil In addition to the delights one gleans from Christie’s deft, skillful plotting, incisive wit, and rich characterizations, the true strength of “The Moving Finger” is Christie’s examination of evil underneath the pristine surface. This “wickedness” lies not only beneath the beautiful exteriors of the sleepy village, but also beneath the shiny faces of its inhabitants.Christie is quite adept at communicating the “atmosphere that seemed tinged with evil.” When confronted with the…

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