The Mysterious Affair at Styles

July 7, 2017 - Comment

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J. Sexton says:

Buy the Fully Restored Edition for the illustrations! I actually had to buy this book twice. The Kindle Chios/Perennial Press edition was missing the illustrations. The Kindle “Fully Restored Edition” included them and helped the mystery make sense. 

M. J. Mann says:

Intelligent and full of common sense. This is the second Hercule Poirot book that I have read, and-actually-the first that Agatha Christie wrote. I love Hercule Poirot’s thoughtful way of approaching “suspects” and the simple way that he seems to make hypothesis and prove and disprove his “little ideas” through questioning and common sense. In both stories I have read so far, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and The Halloween Party, there is another character trying to piece together the evidence and come up with a…

Noonski says:

A Classic! If youâ??re an avid reader youâ??ll probably relate to this: that empty feeling you get after reading a really excellent book. You wander around, wondering if it will ever be possible to find another excellent book. You know that it might take you some time to find another really excellent book because there are lots of not-so-good books out there. 

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