The Mysterious Affair At Styles: Agatha Christie Book Collection

September 11, 2017 - Comment

The Mysterious Affair At Styles By Agatha Christie, Agatha Christie Book Collection, Hercule Poirot Detective. Related Related posts: The Mysterious Affair At Styles: By Agatha Christie – Illustrated Secret Adversary and The Mysterious Affair at Styles The Mysterious Affair at Styles: Historical Fiction Book Collection by V-Publisher The Agatha Christie Collection: Secret Adversary, The Mysterious

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Bailey says:

5-Star Book, Kindle Edition Does Not Include Images The product description of this Kindle book states that it includes the maps, diagrams, and other graphical information mentioned in the text. I now realize that this description must be acut-and-paste from a desctiption of the paper book. The Kindle edition does not include the graphics, will fragments, etc. 

P. Penwood says:

Classic Christie Meet Hercule Poirot. This is the story that introduces Christie’s most represented character. Poirot is certainly one of the most preferred of her characters and Christie returns to to him many times over. This mystery occurs in a slower part of the countryside, where the recent Great War is still felt. We also meet Captain Hastings here, recuperating from wounds received is the war, visiting with the family of an old friend. His friend lives with his wife in the home of his mother, her…

K. Ingram says:

Misleading to call it Illustrated There are illustrations needed to understand portions of this book. I (wrongly) assumed that an illustrated version would include those diagrams, etc. It does not. Instead, there is a stock photo at the end of each chapter showing the English countryside. To call this “illustrated” based on that is false and misleading.

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