The Pale Horse

July 17, 2013 - Comment

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mirasreviews says:

Consistent Style and a Bit of Restraint Make This the Most Entertaining Season So Far. In Series 5, “Agatha Christie’s Marple” has finally settled on a consistent style. The bold palette looks like Technicolor, and the acting style is also reminiscent of the decade in which the mysteries take place, the 1950s. We’ve seen this off-and-on in previous seasons, but now it has lost its clumsiness. Although the mysteries are sordid and melodramatic, they don’t go over the top to the point of distraction, as has sometimes been the case in previous seasons. Again the writers have adapted…

Paul J. Mular says:

Acorn Media delivers the original uncut 89 minute U.K. versions. First let me say that I have these DVDs in hand & have watched them, they are the uncut 89 minute U.K. versions, not the trimmed versions shown on PBS.Of the new Marple series, this is probably the best set yet.Julia Mckenzie is more at ease in her second year as Miss Marple. She explains her take on the character in a texted interview. She feels that the early Miss Marple stories depict the sleuth as a fragile Victorian lady, while in the later stories she is more of a…

Kai Roberts "mysterymaven" says:

A Wonderful Production Over the years, I have read all of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries and watched all of the modern film iterations of Miss Marple, played by everyone from the marvelous Joan Hickson to the latest grand dame, Julia McKenzie. Not surprisingly, my enjoyment of the series varied somewhat as each actress brought a different interpretation to the lead character and each production had its own atmosphere and style. The quality of the acting has never faltered, however, and many of Britain’s…

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