The Secret Adversary

August 29, 2013 - Comment

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John Brooks "" says:

Well worth reading The Secret Adversary introduces Agatha Christie’s characters of Tommy and Tuppence, an out of work young man and woman who decide to become “adventurers” out of a lack of anything better to do. They quite accidentally get sucked into an international mystery that reaches to the highest levels of British government.This story takes place shortly after WWI, and there are a few obscure terms — even to my British coworker — but they don’t hinder the enjoyment of the story. It is…

Motley Wisdom says:

A Serendipitous Read I have not been a big fan of the Tommy and Tuppence episodes on PBS’ Agatha Christie series; however, this is a surprisingly well-written thriller even for Agatha Christie. The plot is convoluted, in a nice way, and the dialogue believable. I missed the mark completely in identifying the villain. Tommy and Tuppence are a nice break from Miss Marple and M. Poirot, and I recommend the book for anyone who enjoys Agatha Christie’s style.

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