The Secret Adversary, Pt. 1

October 1, 2015 - Comment

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Valerie Carrier says:

We loved it. Hope there are more We loved it. Hope there are more.!!

S. Peterson says:

Production values are excellent, though I saw the first three episodes, and I agree with an earlier review that stated that Tommy is too much of a dunce. Tommy and Tuppence were both clever detectives in the stories, here they’re just bumbling around and getting in the way. Production values are excellent, though, and they did a nice job of getting the feel of the 1950s, but the characters didn’t work for me.

David Keith says:

Wonderful Cold War Drama Mystery Thriller with a Dash of Comedy Quality television as you would see on Masterpiece Mystery. The two lead are very good actors. The production top notch. Very, very enjoyable. I’m ready for more episodes!

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