The Secret Adversary, Pt. 2

December 22, 2015 - Comment

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S. Peterson says:

Production values are excellent, though I saw the first three episodes, and I agree with an earlier review that stated that Tommy is too much of a dunce. Tommy and Tuppence were both clever detectives in the stories, here they’re just bumbling around and getting in the way. Production values are excellent, though, and they did a nice job of getting the feel of the 1950s, but the characters didn’t work for me.

D. L. Maxwell says:

Misses the mark I agree with those that find the characters out of synch with the books and a bit clownish. Clearly not a cheap production, I wish more attention had been spent on the intent of the author and less on cheap laughs. Tommy’s continual blundering is just an irritating.Three stars for production values, settings.

Happy Reader says:

Agatha Christie’s Foray into Spy Drama – Lots of Fun! It’s 1952 England. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are middle class and still adjusting to the post-war years. Fortunately, Tommy’s Uncle Carter is paying the school fees for their 8 year-old son, George. But, to put it bluntly, it looks like Tommy is going to have to get a job. Or better yet, how about a little business venture? Tommy’s entrepreneurial schemes are a bit of a running joke throughout this series. 

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