The Unicorn And The Wasp

August 5, 2013 - Comment

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Kevin J. Loria says:

“JOURNEY’S END?”…..not on your life SUNSHINE!! The major dynamic of Doctor Who has always been one of change, after all it IS a show about a 900+ year-old face-swapping, regenerating Timelord with no-fixed-abode, each week an entirely new location, with a new cast of characters. It’s because of this dynamic that the series has had such (multimedia) longevity. With series 4, of the new series we see a continuation of this, with the return of Donna Noble from the Christmas Invasion Special of 2006. But, this isn’t the same Donna, she herself…

B. Starbuck "AutumnWytch" says:

The incredible highs compensate… …for the occasional lows.Doctor Who: Series Four was, in my opinion, superior to the previous three series’. Yes, there were low points, but each series has had those. For this series, the writers – as a collective whole – did a fantastic job of dropping clues here and there, and there was a sense of anticipation as the series went from one episode to the next; quite simply, the building up to the finale was masterfully done.After a questionable start, Catherine Tate…

A. Gammill says:

Occasionally uneven, but also occasionally brilliant One of the great things about the modern-day Doctor Who is how, each season, the episodes build off each other to help create truly epic and rewarding finales. This has never been more true than in the 4th season of this fantastic series.This year, the Doctor takes on his third human companion, Donna Noble, who actually appeared in the season 3 premiere. While it’s a rocky start for the pair–Donna lacks Rose Tyler’s sense of wonder or Martha Jones’s intelligent wit–she proves to…

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