Third Girl

July 6, 2013 - Comment

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Jennifer McKenzie "Jen" says:

A Good Story Destroyed I don’t know what Guy Andrews was thinking when he “adapted” this story. And if you’re reading this review, let me say this. If you’ve read “Appointment with Death” and love it, as I do, then this “adaptation” will be appalling. First of all, the characters weren’t just added and subtracted. They were systematically changed to fit some story Andrews apparently wanted to tell. If so, call it fan fiction, not an actual title by Christie. The addition of “Lord Boyton” was horrible. The nun…

E S K says:

disappointingly changed I really enjoyed all the earlier seasons of these David Suchet Poirot mysteries, but in this episode plus some other later ones I’ve seen, Poirot has had a personality change. He tends to be shrill and loud whereas in earlier episodes he was more often gentle and quiet. This goes along with the overall tone of the production. It seems as if it was decided that the Poirot mysteries had to be like every other show on TV in the last several years which is nerve screechingly dramatic and tense…

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