Three Act Tragedy

January 5, 2016 - Comment

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Hank Matthews says:

Don’t give up on this–it has merit! I have been an Agatha Christie/Hercule Poirot reader and lover for over 40 years. Orient Express is, of course, a classic–and agruably Christie’s finest Poirot adventure. And though I find merit in most of the reviews, I would like to offer some counter-points. 

Amazon Customer says:

Mon Dieu! Poirot Is In a Funk! We love Poirot, and Suchet IS Poirot to us. His portrayal is pitch perfect. But these three productions are much darker than the other collections. The dramatizations are craftmanlike and interesting, but are willfully cynical. They diverge both from the novels on which they are based and from the spirit of the earlier dramatizations in the series in order to present a Poirot who is weary, haunted and unsure about his own moral compass. 

jr says:

Unworthy Who killed Hercule Poirot? It’s difficult to believe that David Suchet enjoyed his performance in this production. I have read, and loved, all of Agatha Christie’s books. Suchet’s demeanor in “Murder on the Orient Express” would not even be appropriate in “Curtain”, Christie’s finale to the great detective. Poirot was a fighter and a thinker from the beginning to the end. This sad, sad interpretation was devoid of almost all of Poirot’s endearing characteristics. I give Suchet credit for a good…

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