Towards Zero

July 31, 2013 - Comment
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egreetham says:

Two and a half stars… Geraldine McEwen is a wonderful actress, but the current BBC production doesn’t serve her well. Everything is wonderful except the scripts, which are often ludicrous. With such wonderful material as the Marple novels, why do the screen writers deviate from them so gratuitously, often turning the plots into gibberish? Try the Joan Hickson Marple films. With no disrespect to Ms. McEwen, Ms. Hickson was the perfect Jane, and the plots of these Christie stories were not nearly so badly mauled.

Price Grisham says:

Period settings, period costumes–Postmodern characters Now, I have to say right off, that, even though I appreciated Geraldine McEwen’s portrayal much more, the scriptwriters had her saying the most hilariously inane things–unfortunately the viewer is tempted to laugh in all the wrong places, despite her excellent performance. No one on the production staff seemed the least bit concerned with historical or literary accuracy. It makes you sigh for what could have been.Also ironic is the appearance of perhaps an anti-clergy slant, since…

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